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Mauricio Luiz de Curtis. was born on February 17, 1972, in the small neighborhood of east zone of São Paulo-Brazil. Grew up with his parents, two brothers and a sister, living in the same place until he was 40 years old. Graduated in Companies Administration, 12 years of work at the post office and 15 years at the family's company.

In 2009 restarted shooting with a Nikon Coldpix and rescued one of his old passions already experienced at the end 80s, when he went to the beach to photograph his brothers who surfed on the north coast of São Paulo with a Minolta waterproof. In 2012 he bought a Nikon D3200 SLR, and began to learn how to use the equipment through websites, and free lessons on techniques and photos composition, including a course offered by the MIS (Museum of Image and Sound) in São Paulo, using the "pinhole" technique, where one has to build his own photographic camera using a can, tape and photographic paper. After the shoots the revelation was given in a old dark laboratory offered by the them.

Inspired by photographers like Ansel Adams and Brassai, LordeMau tackle subjects in his photos as well commom people behavior , streets life, architecture, landscape and nature.

Nowadays he lives in a small town in Tuscany-Italy with just over six thousand habitants, amid hills, just 30 minutes from the sea.He continues to pursue his old passions. Besides shooting photos he plays in two musical 432Hz projects as a bass player, a rock band called The Hollow Circle and an Indian experimental band called Dharma Fire. Is also interested in biodynamic agriculture (permaculture) and informatics as web designer (in fact, this website was entirely built by him).

"Omnia Mea Mecum Porto"

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